Blue Knights Cary Warriors Cary Young Guns Cisco Cricket Club
DeutscheBank Rangers Hurricanes Morrisville Gladiators RTP Hunters
Spin Off SSMNC RTP Panthers RTP Victors
SunTechPros Chargers Super 8 Super Kings Thunders
# Team 1   Team 2 Played On Played At Player(s) of the match Results
1Thunders vs Cary Warriors03/31/2012BLOGVinoth Kumar; Scorecard
2RTP Hunters vs DeutscheBank Rangers03/31/2012BLOGUma Mahesh Katakam; Scorecard
3NC Crackers vs Hurricanes03/31/2012BUGRamesh Ramadasaiah; Scorecard
4Gladiators vs Falcons03/31/2012BUGHarish Goud Palakuri; Scorecard
5RTP Panthers vs NC Crackers04/01/2012BUGVivek Patel; Scorecard
6RTP Hunters vs Blue Knights04/07/2012BUGKrishna Kishore Dodlety; Scorecard
7SSMNC vs DeutscheBank Rangers04/07/2012BUGRam Kuntamukkala; Scorecard
8NC Crackers vs Falcons04/07/2012BLOGHarish Goud Palakuri; Scorecard
9Blue Knights vs SSMNC04/08/2012BUGRam Kuntamukkala; Scorecard
10Thunders vs RTP Panthers04/08/2012BLOGNikhil Gopalakrishnan; Scorecard
11Falcons vs RTP Hunters04/14/2012BLOGHarish Goud Palakuri; Scorecard
12Thunders vs Hurricanes04/14/2012BUGGanesh Karthik Bonala; Scorecard
13Gladiators vs DeutscheBank Rangers04/14/2012BUGBharathiraja Vellingiri; Scorecard
14RTP Panthers vs Cary Warriors04/14/2012BLOGRupesh khadka; Scorecard
15RTP Panthers vs Hurricanes04/15/2012BUGShrinivas Joshi; Scorecard
16Falcons vs DeutscheBank Rangers04/15/2012BLOGRaj Ladia; Scorecard
17Gladiators vs Blue Knights04/15/2012BLOGRaghu Vallurupalli; Scorecard
18Falcons vs SSMNC04/21/2012BLOGKittu Wilson; Scorecard
19Thunders vs NC Crackers04/21/2012BUGSuresh Chenreddy; Scorecard
20Blue Knights vs DeutscheBank Rangers04/21/2012BUGKetan Kalgaonkar; Scorecard
21Falcons vs Blue Knights04/22/2012BUGAzeem Ahamed; Scorecard
22Gladiators vs SSMNC04/22/2012BLOGRaghu Vallurupalli; Scorecard
23Thunders vs Cary Warriors04/22/2012BUGScorecard
24RTP Panthers vs Hurricanes04/28/2012BLOGVijay Poluparti; Scorecard
25RTP Hunters vs SSMNC04/28/2012BUGMohan Gnanapareddy; Scorecard
26Cary Warriors vs NC Crackers04/28/2012BUGNeel Mohan Challagali; Scorecard
27Gladiators vs RTP Hunters04/29/2012BUGSatish Garla; Scorecard
28Cary Warriors vs Hurricanes04/29/2012BLOGSrikanth kanaparthi; Scorecard
29Cary Warriors vs Gladiators05/12/2012BUGSuhail Warrich; Scorecard
30Hurricanes vs Falcons05/12/2012BLOGHenry Gengiti; Scorecard
31NC Crackers vs Blue Knights05/13/2012BLOGSrini Kamsu; Scorecard
32Thunders vs RTP Hunters05/13/2012BUGHarun Prasath; Scorecard
33NC Crackers vs Thunders05/19/2012BUGLatesh Patel; Scorecard
34Falcons vs Cary Warriors05/19/2012BLOGKeshav Mahankali; Scorecard
35NC Crackers vs Cary Warriors05/20/2012BLOGNikhil Urs; Scorecard