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DeutscheBank Rangers Hurricanes Morrisville Gladiators RTP Hunters
Spin Off SSMNC RTP Panthers RTP Victors
SunTechPros Chargers Super 8 Super Kings Thunders
# Team 1   Team 2 Played On Played At Player(s) of the match Results
1SSMNC vs DeutscheBank Rangers04/07/2012BUGRam Kuntamukkala; Scorecard
2Blue Knights vs SSMNC04/08/2012BUGRam Kuntamukkala; Scorecard
3Falcons vs SSMNC04/21/2012BLOGKittu Wilson; Scorecard
4Gladiators vs SSMNC04/22/2012BLOGRaghu Vallurupalli; Scorecard
5RTP Hunters vs SSMNC04/28/2012BUGMohan Gnanapareddy; Scorecard