Blue Knights Cary Warriors Cary Young Guns Cisco Cricket Club
DeutscheBank Rangers Hurricanes Morrisville Gladiators RTP Hunters
Spin Off SSMNC RTP Panthers RTP Victors
SunTechPros Chargers Super 8 Super Kings Thunders
# Team 1   Team 2 Played On Played At Player(s) of the match Results
1RTP Hunters vs NC Crackers04/06/2013BUGScorecard
2Blue Knights vs Lords Cricket Club04/06/2013BLOGScorecard
3RTP Panthers vs Kings Cricket Club04/07/2013BLOGRahul Nadkarni; Scorecard
4Cheetahs Cricket Club vs Cary Cricketers04/07/2013BUGKuntal Gandhi; Scorecard
5Cheetahs Cricket Club vs Lords Cricket Club04/13/2013BUGScorecard
6Cary Warriors vs RTP Hunters04/13/2013BLOGScorecard
7Kings Cricket Club vs NC Crackers04/14/2013BUGVijay Kolli; Scorecard
8Blue Knights vs RTP Panthers04/14/2013BUGUmesh Parekh; Scorecard
9Kings Cricket Club vs RTP Hunters04/20/2013BLOGScorecard
10RTP Panthers vs Lords Cricket Club04/20/2013BUGScorecard
11Blue Knights vs Cheetahs Cricket Club04/21/2013BLOGShiv Kumar; Scorecard
12Cary Warriors vs Cary Cricketers04/21/2013BUGScorecard
13Blue Knights vs Cary Cricketers04/27/2013BLOGShiv Kumar; Scorecard
14Cheetahs Cricket Club vs NC Crackers04/27/2013BUGHarish Goud Palakuri; Scorecard
15Lords Cricket Club vs Kings Cricket Club04/28/2013BUGAmit SR; Scorecard
16Cary Warriors vs RTP Panthers04/28/2013BLOGShrinivas Joshi; Scorecard
17Cary Warriors vs Blue Knights05/04/2013BLOGSuhail Warrich; Scorecard
18Lords Cricket Club vs NC Crackers05/04/2013BUGShiva Krishna; Scorecard
19RTP Hunters vs Cary Cricketers05/05/2013BUGSachin Menon; Scorecard
20RTP Panthers vs Cheetahs Cricket Club05/05/2013BLOGChaitanya Godbole; Scorecard
21Cary Warriors vs NC Crackers05/11/2013BLOGVijay Kolli; Scorecard
22Cheetahs Cricket Club vs RTP Hunters05/11/2013BUGScorecard
23Blue Knights vs Kings Cricket Club05/12/2013BLOGSudeep Pandey; Scorecard
24Lords Cricket Club vs Cary Cricketers05/12/2013BUGPradeep Bangalore; Scorecard
25Lords Cricket Club vs RTP Hunters05/18/2013BLOGScorecard
26Cary Warriors vs Kings Cricket Club05/18/2013BUGMagesh Velayudham; Scorecard
27RTP Panthers vs Cary Cricketers05/19/2013BLOGScorecard
28Blue Knights vs NC Crackers05/19/2013BUGScorecard
29RTP Panthers vs NC Crackers06/01/2013BLOGNeel Mohan Challagali; Scorecard
30Cary Warriors vs Cheetahs Cricket Club06/01/2013BUGScorecard
31Kings Cricket Club vs Cary Cricketers06/02/2013BLOGPramodb Bharadwaj; Scorecard
32Blue Knights vs RTP Hunters06/02/2013BUGSatish Garla; Scorecard
33Cheetahs Cricket Club vs Kings Cricket Club06/08/2013BUGScorecard
34Cary Warriors vs Lords Cricket Club06/08/2013BLOGScorecard
35NC Crackers vs Cary Cricketers06/09/2013BLOGRavi Teja Manda; Scorecard
36RTP Panthers vs RTP Hunters06/09/2013BUGScorecard
37RTP Hunters vs RTP Panthers06/15/2013BUG -
38RTP Hunters vs NC Crackers06/16/2013BUGSiva Dodla; Scorecard
39Kings Cricket Club vs NC Crackers06/16/2013BLOGNeel Mohan Challagali; Scorecard